5 Times When Duquesne University Nailed Its Mission Statement

1. Service To the Community and Nation


Brothers of the Sigma Nu Fraternity at Duquesne University advertise for its annual charity and service event, The White Rose Ball, which raises money and awareness for American Gold Star Mothers, a national organization of mothers who have lost a son or daughter through serving the country.  Photo taken by Katie Lipko.

2. Catholic Tradition and History


Trinity Hall, located on the edge of campus, houses members of the Congregation of the Holy Spirit, the Spiritans, who founded Duquesne University in 1878.  Photo taken by Katie Lipko.

3. Concern for Moral and Spiritual Values


Bethany Kelly, 19, of Pittsburgh, reads the Bible while relaxing between classes in Duquesne University’s chapel.  Photo taken by Katie Lipko.

4. Concern for Liberal Education

20141027_164923 (1)

Carmen Alicia Martinez, a Spanish professor from Columbia, South America, prepares the Day of the Dead offering altar in Duquesne University’s Gumberg Library.  The purpose of this alter is to introduce students to Mexican culture and get individuals interested in the celebration festivities of other countries.  Photo taken by Katie Lipko.

5. Diversity in Religious Background and Ethnicity


A mural on the Laval House, located on Duquesne University’s campus, shows the ecumenical atmosphere open to diversity, in religion and ethnicity, that the university strives to uphold.  Photo taken by Katie Lipko.